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Reports from foreign media have it that over 40% of UK citizens are fond of searching for deals and offers of various merchandises on the internet - a source recently indicated by CyberSource, a US-based supplier of electronic payment technology. The reason is quite simple - traditional supermarkets and chain stores usually fail to update and publish the latest information of ongoing deals and offers, thus preventing the customers from obtaining the maximum convenience. In light of this, more and more traditional stores have established their online platforms, where they can update the information of discounts in time. Every business has his unique way of carrying out promotions, and several of UK's largest supermarkets are no exceptions. TESCO, ASDA, SAINSBURYS and ARGOS stand as UK's top four supermarkets, and after dropping in, you are often rewarded with comprehensive information of deals and offers, with which you are likely to conduct an informed comparison.

Argos is the first for your choice if you set your mind on electronic merchandises. Here you can find attractive discounts - some even exceeding 50% - of electronic products all year long. In the next place you may want to turn to several online shops such as PC World, Dixons, Comet and Dell, all of whom boast reassuringly outstanding custom services.

Tesco witness no parallel in the fields of home appliances and daily necessities. Emails from newvoucher will keep the customers in track with whatever offers are going on at Tesco. Tesco is also favoured for supplying the largest amounts of voucher codes, thus enabling the customers to win the offers of various merchandises simply by shopping at home. Sainsburys has been a long-time provider of deals and offers in food products, and the most tasty bread in UK is baked right here. Sainsburys also gives large-volume discounts - sometimes over 70% - of children's facilities.

ASDA is arguably the one with the greatest comprehensive strength among UK's supermarkets. Winning the customers' hearts with hard-to-find low prices, ASDA proffers even more fascinating offers at its website.

Talking of specialty stores, Newwoucher generally recommends:
Debenhams is a fashion store of comprehensive design, and here you are especially appealed to large-volume discounts offered by some famous brands.
You can find relatively fewer discounts at Littlewoods, but the top quality stands as the chief reason for preferring it to other peers.


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Get discounts or promotions from supermarkets online

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This article was published on 2010/10/12